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The business value generated by information and communication technologies (ICT) has been for long time a major research topic. Recently there is a growing research interest in the business value generated by particular types of information systems (IS). One of


iClique: A COMPLETE PLATFORM FOR A PAPERLESS OFFICE AND BUSINESS PROCESS MANAGEMENT In our current digital age, an information management system (IMS) is an integral part of any modern organization for effective management, sharing, and archival of documents, forms, etc.


Commlink Real Time Gross Settlement (CRTGS) system is fully complied with Bangladesh Bank RTGS system. Key Features Web-based Transaction Processing Module Outgoing Transaction Processing Incoming Transaction Processing Dishonored Transaction Processing Report generation and export to different formats System Management options Branch

We Work to Provide You the Best Solution with State-of-the-Art Information Security Management

Commlink Info Tech Ltd is a leading research oriented company in Bangladesh which is continuously showing its excellence in various branches of recent emerging & cutting edge technologies including latest telecommunication & networking solution. Our business model positions us at the forefront in providing end-to-end Networking, Telecommunication & Business solutions in the Local and International markets. With its outstanding workforce, Commlink is incessantly showing exceptional & paramount abilities by skillfully implementing innovative ideas of R&D members. Over the years Commlink is striving in penning a new history & opening a new horizon in ICT sector of Bangladesh.

Recent Projects

Commlink works on various projects as per the requirement of the customers. Our projects include Biometric systems, Network system, Business applications, Mobile apps, etc. Maintaining high quality is our priority in every project.