Mobile Device Management

Commlink Mobile Device Management (CMDM) app is integrated with our CMDM system. A MDM is required for proper control and administration of mobile devices. CMDM App is a custom home screen launcher and app drawer for Android devices.


 Provides a custom home screen and controls users’ app drawer so that users can only use whitelisted apps (system’s default apps/downloadable apps) defined by server.

 User permission on different apps can be customized based on device IMEI.

 Checks periodically for updated allowed app list.

 Any app can be installed by MDM.

 Any kind of update of installed apps can be pushed from MDM.

 Ensures latest version of apps. Users can not access an app with lower version than that of specified by server.

 Checks the device whether it is rooted or non-rooted

◦ For rooted android device, it downloads the updated app from MDM server and silently installs on device.

◦ For non-rooted android device, after downloading launcher creates installation request every 10 minutes lap until allowed updated version is available in the device.

 Checks periodically whether server location has been changed or not before processing any app request and updates location accordingly.

 Also have provision to check for any updates manually.

 Periodically sends device report (Device information, currently running app list, current version of apps, device memory, available storage etc) to the server.

 Reports to the server via background service if any user disabled MDM launcher.

 Role based access control

 Server end has an admin panel for User Management and Reporting.