Velacore ERP

The business value generated by information and communication technologies (ICT) has been for long time a major research topic. Recently there is a growing research interest in the business value generated by particular types of information systems (IS). One of them is the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, which are increasingly adopted by organizations for supporting and integrating key business and management processes.

VELACORE is changing the economics of enterprise applications. Traditional enterprise applications have become prohibitively expensive. Dramatically lower your costs using Commlink’s modern, “next generation” ERP. An ERP can definitely help your business to gain time and save money! Manage your business with VELA and increase your profit! Your business will change.

VELACORE business solution is complete business management software which also meets specific industry needs. This solution will

  • Easily manage your daily operations
  • Automate and eliminate manual intensive activities
  • Streamline business processes!
  • Gain full visibility of your business!
  • Maximize customers’ satisfaction!
  • Effectively link your different global operations!
  • Reduce your operating costs!