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Fingerprint Authentication System Provider In Bangladesh


The Commlink Fingerprint Authentication System (FAS) is an advanced biometric solution that provides rapid and accurate fingerprint matching using cutting-edge technology. FAS, a software-based solution, operates on a high-speed 1:N (one-to-many) matching system and is designed on a Commercially Off-The-Shelf (COTS) software platform.

The Commlink Fingerprint Authentication System (FAS) offers a comprehensive suite of capabilities that empower Financial Institutions (FIs) to efficiently handle a wide range of tasks related to fingerprint data processing, searching, retrieval, and storage. 

The Fingerprint Authentication System (FAS) architecture is optimized for performance and scalability. Using an array of industry-standard Windows and/or Linux Servers, FAS takes advantage of parallel processing capabilities to accomplish 1:N matching at lightning speed. This is made feasible through the use of cutting-edge fingerprint matching algorithms renowned for their accuracy and dependability.

Fingerprint Authentication System (FAS) provides two primary deployment options: a comprehensive package that includes both the software and the server hardware, and a standalone software version that can operate on a standard desktop computer. This flexibility allows FAS to accommodate a wide spectrum of operational requirements and infrastructure configurations.

The Commlink Fingerprint Authentication System’s (FAS)’ adherence to Bangladesh Election Commission, Bangladesh Bank, and International fingerprint template standards is one of its distinguishing characteristics. It entirely complies with ISO and ANSI fingerprint template specifications, ensuring interoperability and compatibility with all systems. Moreover, FAS is designed to satisfy the strict requirements set by organizations such as the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the FBI’s Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS).

Key features of the Commlink FAS:

Accuracy and Reliability:

The Commlinks’ Fingerprint Authentication System (FAS) claims the highest levels of precision and dependability in fingerprint identification and matching. Its algorithms have been proven in the field and are relied upon in numerous deployments.

Integration Capability: 

The Commlink’s Fingerprint Authentication System (FAS) integrates seamlessly with the National ID (NID) Server, ensuring an effortless and unified experience across all identification system components. And Our system supports All requirements provided by the Bangladesh Election Commission and the Bangladesh Bank.

Compatibility with Third-Party Business Applications: 

Through APIs, the Fingerprint Authentication System (FAS) can be seamlessly integrated with third-party Business Applications such as Core Banking Solutions (CBS) or Asset-backed Securities (ABS), allowing organizations to incorporate biometric security into their existing workflows.


The Commlinks’ Fingerprint Authentication System (FAS) is adaptable to various deployment scales, including small-scale systems, large databases, and corresponding capacities. This adaptability makes it appropriate for a wide range of applications, from single-site installations to nationwide identification programs.

Multiple Matching Algorithms: 

To accommodate fingerprint images of varying quality and profile, the Fingerprint Authentication System (FAS) supports multiple matching algorithms. This ensures that even with challenging inputs, accurate matching can be accomplished.

Automatic Image Processing: 

Using automated image processing capabilities, the Fingerprint Authentication System (FAS) streamlines the identification process. This includes detail extraction, quality checks, and sequence verification, all of which increase the system’s overall efficacy.

Powerful Search Capability: 

The Fingerprint Authentication System (FAS) is equipped with a high-powered search capability that accelerates the process of identifying and matching fingerprints across large databases.

Multiband Fingerprint Scanner Compatibility: 

The system is compatible with multiband fingerprint scanners, making it adaptable to a variety of scanning technologies and input types.

Commlink’s Fingerprint Authentication System (FAS) is an advanced biometric solution that combines precision, reliability, and scalability. Using sophisticated fingerprint matching algorithms and parallel processing, FAS establishes a new standard for 1:N fingerprint identification speed and efficiency. Its compatibility with National and international standards, integration capabilities, and support for third-party applications make it an invaluable resource for organizations seeking to improve their security and identification procedures.