Complete Biometric Solution

Commlink provides complete biometric solution with mobile app, web app, middleware, and biometric scanners. Our solution can be standalone or integrated with your existing system. Additionally, Commlink also offers fingerprint scanner, and fingerprint tablet through our partner Abetree.

Complete Biometric Solution for SIM Registration

Biometric SIM Registration is made mandatory for all the existing and new SIM card holder in Bangladesh in 2015. Consequently, every mobile operators in Bangladesh had to develop ‘Biometric SIM Registration’ system for re-registration of existing users as well as new SIM registration.

Commlink was the pioneer in this Biometric SIM Registration project. Commlink has provided it’s Biometric SIM Registration system to Airtel, Robi, and Teletalk. Commlink SIM registration system includes:

A mobile app that collects subscriber information, fingerprints, etc.
A web app that collects subscriber information, fingerprints, etc.
A middleware which interconnects mobile/web apps with the ECB NID database and mobile operators internal systems.