Automatic Check Clearing System

Our Automatic Check Clearing System is fully complied with Bangladesh Automatic Check Clearing House (BACCH) and Bangladesh Electronic Fund Transfer Network (BEFTN). Our Check processing software system consists of the following software modules.

Outward/Inward Clearing Software


  • Automated Check Scanning and MICR Data/Image Capture
  • Rapid Processing
  • Manual Check Data Entry and Correction
  • User friendly Graphical Interface for Validation & Monitoring
  • Outward/Inward Check Envelope File generation/reception
  • User-friendly Graphical Signature Verification
  • Connecting Interface with PBM through FTP
  • Check Consolidation and Balancing
  • Report Generation
  • Check Envelope File/Image Secure Storage
  • Automatic Logging & Error Reporting
  • User Authentication/Software Security

Archival System


  • Secure Archiving of Check Image and Data
  • Data Transferability
  • Consolidation and Report Generation
  • Reliable Backup and Retrieval using RAID system
  • Fault tolerant system

Other features


  • Compatibility with Standards
  • Platform Independent
  • Upgradeability and Modularity
  • Easy Integration
  • User Manual and on-site User Training