Video Conferencing Solution

Commlink Video Conference Solution is a total conferencing solution designed for small and medium-sized organization as well as scalable up to enterprise businesses. It’s Setup takes minutes, and starting a video call takes seconds. You will quickly discover that making and receiving video calls is as easy as using your smartphone. And we think you will find yourself preferring video over voice. Commlink Video Conference system provides a powerful and personal form of communication that is second to none—eye-to-eye interaction that propels productivity and stronger connected relationships. Commlink Video Conference system gets the technology out of the way so your users can get down to business.

Key Features

  • Voice and Video conference
    Commlink Video Conference system utilizes the TCP/IP for voice and video conference. Until now, a simple and easy video conferencing system that delivered a superb video and audio experience out of the box for very large meeting spaces was unattainable. Commlink Video Conference system to the rescue!
  • Conference Moderation
    Our solution provides option for moderating a conference session. For each session, there will be a moderator. Moderator can perform various tasks, such as, change/modify participant permission, allow/deny white board access, allow/deny screen-sharing/ screen recording, allow/deny remote control of screen.
  • Multi Whiteboard and chat
    Whiteboard is an important feature of BPL video conferencing solution. A user enjoys using multiple-whiteboards. Each whiteboard have a full range of tools and documents with it. User can save whiteboard instance as a file. The saved file con be located from file-explorer. It can again be opened as whiteboard by drag& drop into the whiteboard.
  • Other Features
    • User and room management
    • Collaborative document editing
    • Polls and Voting
    • Audio Communication
    • Video Conferencing
    • Meeting recording
    • Screen sharing
    • Chat and white boarding