PIM Solution for BINIMOY (IDTP)

BINIMOY a web based Interoperable Digital Transaction Platform (IDTP) that allow instant money transfers between Banks, MFS operators, and PSPs. It is Virtual ID (hossain917@binimoy) based Payment Systems.

Commlink PIM Middleware Solution for BINIMOY (IDTP)
Commlink PIM (Participant Interface Module) is a Web based Middleware Solution. Commlink PIM middleware solution establish communication between its CBS, Banks Apps Server/ IB Server (and/or other internal systems) & IDTP Client Platform (ICP). PIM facilitates & establish the communication between Banks CBS & ICP (BINIMOY Client Platform).


  • Web panel for FI
  • Dashboard
  • Bulk User Registration for FI
  • VID Management
  • Transaction Profiling & Record Keeping
  • Role based Access Control
  • Support ISO20022message format
  • Provision for Data backup/Archival
  • System Administration facilities
  • Various Reports
  • Audit trails
  • Real time backup for business continuity

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