Yubico HSM (USB Supported)

Secure your sensitive data and critical applications by storing, protecting and managing cryptographic keys with the YubiHSM 2, a dedicated hardware security module (HSM) that offers superior protection against key theft and misuse. A FIPS 140-2 validated version (Level 3) is also available via the YubiHSM 2 FIPS. With the same feature set as the YubiHSM 2, the YubiHSM 2 FIPS can meet the requirements of government agencies, and organizations in financial services, healthcare, energy, and any other area where the FIPS security standard is a requirement.

About this product

  • Direct USB Support
  • General Purpose HSM
  • Introduces asymmetric cryptography
  • PKCS#11 (Windows, Linux, macOS)
  • Native YubiHSM Core Libraries (C, python)
  • Windows, Linux, and Mac support
  • USB-A, IP68 rated, Crush Resistant, No Batteries Required, No Moving Parts.

YubiHSM 2 can provide hardware backed keys for your Microsoft-based PKI implementation. Deploying YubiHSM 2 to your Microsoft Active Directory Certificate services not only protects the CA root keys but also protects all signing and verification services using the private key.

  • Secure key storage and operations
  • Interfaces via YubiHSM KSP, PKCS#11, and native libraries
  • Extensive cryptographic capabilities: RSA, ECC, ECDSA (ed25519), SHA-2, AES
  • Secure session between HSM and application
  • Role-based access controls for key management and key usage
  • 16 concurrent connections
  • Optionally network shareable
  • Remote management
  • Unique “Nano” form factor, low-power usage
  • M of N wrap key Backup and Restore
  • Tamper evident Audit Logging
  • Yubico YubiHSM 2
  • Secure, low cost hardware protection for cryptographic keys

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