Automatic Cheque Clearing System

Automatic Cheque Clearing System

Commlink’s Automatic Cheque Clearing System (ACCS) is the most advanced and comprehensive cheque processing solution in Bangladesh. It is fully compliant with Bangladesh Automatic Clearing House (BACH) and Bangladesh Electronic Fund Transfer Network (BEFTN), and Commlink’s Automatic Cheque Clearing System (ACCS) offers a wide range of features and benefits that can help you improve your efficiency, accuracy, security, and compliance.

Commlink’s ACCS Key Features

Automated Cheque Scanning and MICR Data/Image Capture: 

Our ACCS uses state-of-the-art cheque scanning technology to capture high-quality images of your cheques and extract all relevant data, including MICR information, payee name, amount, and date. This process is fully automated, so you can save time and eliminate human errors.

Rapid Processing: 

Our ACCS can process a large number of cheques quickly and efficiently. This is due to its powerful hardware and software platform, which is optimized for cheque processing.

Manual Cheque Data Entry and Correction: 

In addition to automated cheque processing, our ACCS also allows for manual cheque data entry and correction. This is useful for processing cheques that are damaged or unreadable, or for correcting errors in the captured data.

User-Friendly Graphical Interface: 

Our ACCS has a user-friendly graphical interface that makes it easy to validate and monitor the cheque clearing process. You can easily view cheque images, review transaction details, and generate reports.

Outward/Inward Cheque Envelope File generation/reception: 

Our ACCS can generate and receive outward/inward cheque envelope files in standard formats. This allows you to easily exchange cheque data with other banks and financial institutions.

User-friendly Graphical Signature Verification: 

Our ACCS includes a user-friendly graphical signature verification module that helps you to detect forged or fraudulent cheques.

Connecting Interface with PBM through FTP: 

Our ACCS can connect to your PBM through FTP to exchange cheque data. This ensures that your cheque clearing process is fully integrated with your overall banking system.

Cheque Consolidation and Balancing: 

Our ACCS can consolidate and balance your cheque transactions automatically. This helps you to ensure that your cheque clearing process is accurate and efficient.

Report Generation: 

Our ACCS generates a wide range of reports to help you track and monitor your cheque clearing process. These reports include cheque clearing summary reports, detailed cheque transaction reports, and exception reports.

Cheque Envelope File/Image Secure Storage: 

Our ACCS securely stores cheque envelope files and images in compliance with all relevant regulations.

Automatic Logging & Error Reporting: 

Our ACCS automatically logs all transactions and errors. This allows you to easily troubleshoot any problems that may occur.

User Authentication/Software Security: 

Our ACCS uses robust user authentication and software security measures to protect your data from unauthorized access.

Archival System: 

Our ACCS includes a powerful archival system that allows you to securely archive cheque images and data for long periods of time. The archival system also provides data transferability, consolidation and report generation, reliable backup and retrieval using a RAID system, and a fault tolerant system.

ACCS Other Features:

Compatibility with Standards: 

Our ACCS is compatible with all major cheque clearing standards, including BACCH and BEFTN.

Platform Independent: 

Our ACCS can be deployed on a variety of hardware and software platforms.

Upgradeability and Modularity: 

Our ACCS is designed to be upgradeable and modular. This means that you can easily add new features and functionality as needed.

Easy Integration: 

Our ACCS can be easily integrated with your existing banking system and other software applications.

User Manual and on-site User Training: 

Our ACCS comes with a comprehensive user manual and on-site user training to help you get started quickly and easily.

Commlink’s ACCS Benefits:

Increased Efficiency and Accuracy: 

Our ACCS can help you to significantly increase the efficiency and accuracy of your cheque clearing process. This is due to its automated features, user-friendly interface, and robust reporting capabilities.

Reduced Costs: 

Our ACCS can help you to reduce the costs associated with cheque clearing. This is due to its efficiency, accuracy, and security features.

Improved Security and Compliance: 

Our ACCS includes robust security and compliance features to help you protect your data and meet all relevant regulations.

Enhanced Visibility and Control: 

Our ACCS provides you with enhanced visibility and control over your cheque clearing process. This is due to its comprehensive reporting and monitoring capabilities.

Overall, our ACCS is the best way to improve your cheque clearing process and achieve your business goals. It is a comprehensive and scalable solution that offers a wide range of features and benefits.