Strengthening Public Financial Management for Social Protection (SPFMSP)

SPFMSP Project, also known as ‘Strengthening Public Financial Management for Social Protection’ is a project of the Finance Division, Ministry of Finance, Government of Bangladesh. It is being managed by Maxwell Stamp PLC. This project is funded by the Department of International Development (DFID) and the Department for Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). Key goal of this project is to enhance capacity of the Finance Division with the six major line ministries for social protection programs.

Design, development and deployment of the two line ministry MIS called MoWCA (Ministry of Women and Children Affairs) MIS and SOW (Social Welfare) MIS and the  central MIS called SPBMU MIS are under the scope of this project.

Figure 1: High Level Overview of SPFMSP Project

The total solution includes application processing, beneficiary selection and verification, beneficiary card personalization and life cycle management, payroll generation and payment disbursement, grievance management, expense tracking and many more social protection related features. Beneficiary’s information is verified through the Bangladesh Election Commission (BEC) and budget and payment related activities are managed through the Integrated Budget & Accounting System (iBAS). Line ministry MIS is being operated by different Geo users (union, upazila, district, division, HO) and the SPBMU MIS is operated by Finance Division users.


  • System settings
  • Administration
  • Application
  • Selection  & verification
  • Payroll management
  • Case management
  • Monitoring and Training
  • Budget distribution and expense management
  • Reporting

Non Functional Features

Single Sign On
The system works as “Single Sign On” approach. This means that a user have to login only once to navigate into the entire applications. Depending upon the user rights and access control, modules are displayed. After user’s session, user has to be auto logged out and needs to login again. But in the case of user logout, user logins again and start from the beginning.
Bilingual Support
The web application interface is both in English and Unicode Bangla. All the labels in the user interface is appeared both in Bangla and in English. The default label and data is in Bangla. When the user clicks on ‘English’ all the label and corresponding data is appeared in English.
The application also has bilingual data entry and report generation support. This means the data entry is done both in English and Bangla (Unicode). Based on the captured data format, the system displays output in any of the formats (English and/or Bangla) chosen by the user.
Data Replication
Finance Division needs to make efficient budget allocation and payment disbursement for social protection programs by viewing latest beneficiary list and payroll data. To achieve these functionalities and to maintain data consistency, automatic data replication has been setup from MOWCA database to SPBMU middleware cluster.
Reporting Capabilities
The system has extensive reporting capabilities both in generation and export options. Reports are generated in both Bangla (Unicode) and English language with custom settings and selection parameters. Report output format is PDF, Excel and HTML. Apart from these, most reports are generated dynamically for different hierarchical Geo locations of Bangladesh.