Intelligent Network (IN)

An Intelligent Network (IN) is a service-independent telecommunication network. That is, the responsibility of intelligent decision making is taken out of the switch and placed in computer nodes that are distributed throughout the network. This provides the network operator with means to develop and control services more efficiently and dynamically. New capabilities can be rapidly introduced into the network. Once introduced, services are easily customized to meet individual customer’s needs..

For a long time, big guns of telecom sector like Ericsson, Huawei, Alcatel have reigned over both the software & hardware market of telecommunication sector. Most of the contemporary GSM service providers buy IN management system rather than facing the challenge of developing & deploying one of their own – that would function properly with existing switching hardware. It is for the first time in Bangladesh, we, at Commlink Infotech LLC., have successfully designed & developed a full fledged IN System that conforms to strict international standards and was seamlessly integrated with a third party soft-switch as per customer requirements.


As the IN evolves, service providers will confront many opportunities and challenges. While the IN provides a network capability to meet the ever-changing needs of customers, network intelligence is becoming increasingly distributed and complicated. For example, third-party service providers now demand interconnection with traditional operating company networks. As competition grows with companies offering telephone services previously difficult to provide, the IN serves as a solution to meet the challenge.

Numerous potential services can be easily accommodated by our IN system. Some of the services that are considered more popular than others are:

  • Pre-paid Calling
  • Pre-paid Account Recharging
  • Corporate Call Forwarding / Local Number Portability
  • Automated Customer Help Desk
  • Health Line
  • 24 Hour News Bulletin